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Your Home’s Many Plumbing Systems

Your Home's Many Plumbing Systems

Your plumbing system is very important for your home and to you as a homeowner. We consistently and continually put blind faith in our plumbing systems. When we flush, shower or want hot water, we assume toilets will flush, showers will drain, and hot water will be there. But for most of us, we all have had an issue with our plumbing. This is why maintaining your plumbing system is important. Even though we cannot stop every plumbing issue from happening, we can prevent many minor and even more major issues.

We have three main systems in our homes: Water supply including all water lines in the home and the main feed line from city or well, the water heater or tankless, and all emergency shut off valves and fixtures. The drain system, removing waste from our home to either the city or to a septic system is essential with many things that can go wrong. This includes cleanouts and venting on our roof. And finally the gas system. Wherever you have a gas appliance, there is a gas line that feeds it. This system is not complicated but does need some knowledge of how it works and why it is configured in the way that it is.

At Family Pride Plumbing, we suggest the following preventative tips to ensure fully functioning systems for years to come:

WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM: Maintaining your water systems consists of flushing your water heater or tankless once a year, unless you have a water heater with a softener, then we recommend a quick flush three times a year.

DRAIN SYSTEM: Maintain your drains by hydro-jetting (high-pressure cleaning) anywhere between 1-3 years, depending on usage. Inspecting with a camera and other preventative tests check to see if there are cracks or leaks in your lines either under your home or in the mainline leaving the home, which are more prone to getting roots which lead to high dollar repairs. Cabling lines regularly prevent a serious clog or backup into the house.

GAS SYSTEM: Maintain your gas system by updating valves along with periodic pressure tests and visual inspections. We recommend these tests be done at least every 5 years. We also suggest installing an earthquake valve to shut off gas feed to your home in case of a severe earthquake.

The most important maintenance you can do for your home is to have a licensed plumber evaluate your systems regularly to determine what may need immediate attention and what to keep an eye on. This is not a simple walk-through and when done correctly, will take up to an hour. Just like your car, regular maintenance is very important to your plumbing systems. No matter what the issue or the circumstance, we are always here to assist you with all your plumbing needs. For more information or to make an appointment to meet with our plumbers, feel free to contact us. 951.338.5698

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