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Good Practices Equates To A Happy Customer

Good Practices Equates To A Happy Customer

Major plumbing repairs are never fun for homeowners. They can of course be costly and require some damage if access points to plumbing is needed. The beauty of modern plumbing is that we don’t see it! We don’t see pipes running along the walls or flooring, but the minute we need access to them, something gets damaged in the process. Be it opening up a wall or removing foundation, a homeowner can become anxious, overwhelmed or even angry during the process of searching, accessing and repairing a leak. But a good plumbing contractor understands the emotional toll on the homeowner and the financial burden when these significant events happen and help the homeowner through it all.

Since becoming a plumber, I have performed hundreds of re-pipes and nearly as many re-drains. These would be high on the list as a “major plumbing repair.” It is common sense that gaining access to old lines and replacing them with new, requires an entry point. And sometimes, unfortunately, many entry points. I believe proper communication is KEY for a homeowner to feel satisfied at the end of the day.

If you are faced with a major plumbing repair, be sure your plumber is providing the following:

· Clear expectations. Some leaks are found with ease and little destruction, some aren’t. No plumber wants to destroy your home. Assessing the situation and keeping you, the homeowner, informed of their progress is imperative. No surprises.

· Documentation. In a time of crisis, details get lost in the wind and the plumber and homeowner may find themselves not on the same page. Having a paper trail of the job description, potential costs and schedule are imperative. Be sure you have this IN HAND when the job begins.

· Updates. Major plumbing repairs can take time and sometimes do not go as planned. A good contractor will provide timely updates, consistently and frequently. This entails walking the project, explaining the process, verifying the homeowner understands.

· Resources to finish the job. Plumbers do not fix drywall, stucco, flooring, tile, concrete or anything damaged or removed when searching, repairing or replacing plumbing lines. A plumber should be upfront about what they will be responsible for and what the homeowner will be responsible for. A good plumber will follow this with great referrals for local resources. Contractors, they would welcome into their own homes.

I believe these solid practices avoid finger-pointing, arguing over details or the homeowner feel they are being taken advantage of. We are happy to assist with your plumbing needs – big or small.

And we would like to offer our appreciation to all the Veterans in honor of Veterans Day, November 11th. We are proudly Veteran-owned and are excited to be participating in Murrieta’s Veterans parade. Be sure to watch for us!

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