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Best Ways To Spot A Leak

Best Ways To Spot A Leak

Leak Detection

No one wants to come home to a leak. And if the source isn’t immediately evident, that’s added frustration! Leak detection is a vital part of plumbing. Having the ability to pin point where the problem is makes all the difference when determining where to begin. Whether it is water, gas, or sewer, having the right tools and equipment is imperative in finding the leak.

Depending on the type of leak, different methods are used for successful detection. Finding the origin of the leak provides the plumber the best course of action for repair and saves on undue destruction and cost. Most water leaks can be easily spotted when above the surface. Even in a wall, the telltale signs of a leak are pretty evident. But when below a slab, it becomes incredibly difficult to identify the source. That’s why electronic leak detection becomes a plumber’s life line. Probes, sensors and thermal imaging are used to detect moisture, heat or noise. Different sounds tell the plumber the type of leak. Pipe vibration, hissing, whooshing, hammering, gurgling or knocking all mean different things to the trained ear.

Gas leaks can be dangerous. Plumbers have devices that detect gas in the air. They may also pump compressed air into the entire system using a pressure gauge to evaluate any flaws. Even the tried and true “soapy water” test may be used at joints or possible pinholes to find any gas escaping. Gas is not to be taken likely and should be handled by a professional. Never wait if you smell gas.

Sewer leaks are detected with smoke, camera or even water. Smoke leak detection is used for drain lines above the service and require knowledge of how the drainage system is laid out. When the leak is found, smoke will be visible. This test should only be run by a professional. In some cases a visual of the line itself is very beneficial. A camera is run into the line and allows the plumber to see the physical crack or degradation of the pipe. It is generally used on main lines, but with the right equipment smaller lines too. The last sewer test uses plain ‘ole water and is rare to see it utilized in California but we at Family Pride Plumbing feel it’s a great method in affirming the integrity of the drains under your home.

Early leak detection is like insurance. Spending a couple hundred now prevents thousands of dollars later. With whatever leak detection you need, Family Pride Plumbing can detect, repair and mitigate your plumbing needs. If you need to learn more about leak detection give us a call at (951) 447-8162.

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